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Media releases

25 Mar 2021: Solar rule change misguided but not a big deal

30 Dec 2019: It’s nearly 2020 – don’t panic about solar rebates

20 Feb 2019: Retail electricity competition a welcome development (but read the fine print)

21 Nov 2018: Solar decision a missed opportunity

26 Jun 2018: State government is keeping solar owners in the dark

31 Aug 2017: Tasmania dawdling in renewable energy challenge

29 Nov 2016: Tasmania’s first community solar project goes live (photos)

19 May 2016: Price for rooftop solar massively undervalued in Tasmania

10 Mar 2016: Statement leaves us poorer and no wiser on energy security

10 Feb 2016: Solar report an epic fail – Minister should tell regulator to start again

17 Nov 2015: Planning Tasmania’s electric future

8 Jul 2015: Tariff changes a further blow to the solar industry in Tasmania

16 Mar 2015: Solar meter problems – let’s get it right this time

4 Jul 2014: 33% Solar tariff drop highlights flawed approach of the Economic Regulator

27 Jun 2014: Lambie and Palmer commitments great for Tasmanian jobs

17 Oct 2013: Renewable energy group welcomes red-tape reduction


TasReNews Issue 5, October 2015 includes: AGM, proposed new demand based tariff, 24 Hours of Sun, electric vehicle events.

TasReNews Issue 4, August 2015 includes: launch of Fair Go for Solar in Tas, new TasNetworks connection rules.

TasReNews Issue 3, December 2014 includes progress on metering, promoting solar to the public, New TREA committee.

TasReNews Issue 2, August 2014 includes: feed-in tariff reduced again, 1200 legacy tariff installs to go, Tasmania’s newest power station, CPD events, policy updates.

TasReNews Issue 1, April 2014 includes a report on our professional development events, what to do about overvoltage disconnections, solar owners paying Aurora for their own electricity, and the RET review.