Tasmanian Solar Feed-in Tariff Review

Update 6 December 2018: Read our article in The Mercury “Slamming the brakes on solar” (PDFs of print and online versions)

Update 21 November 2018: Read our media release on the final report of the Solar FiT Review

Update 6 August 2018: Our submission Solar for Tasmania’s Future is now available for download.

The state government is conducting a review of the solar feed-in tariff and submissions are due by next Monday 6 August 2018. You can download the TREA Briefing Paper for more information and suggestions on points you could make in a submission.

The Review is the result of a policy that Liberal party took to the last state election, in response to the fact that the 28c Legacy feed-in tariff paid to over half the 32,000 solar owners in Tasmania is due to expire on 31 December this year.

A positive aspect of the Review is that as well as looking at the FiT rate paid to existing and new solar owners it is asking for suggestions on incentives that could “assist Tasmania in diversifying its renewable energy generation capacity and help deliver the Government’s target for Tasmania to be 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable electricity generation by 2022.”

Author: TREA

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