TREA AGM 13 November 2019

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance Inc. will be held at 7:45pm on Wednesday 13 November at the Hotel Soho, 124 Davey Street Hobart.

The business of the Annual General Meeting is to:

  • elect the officers of the Association and the ordinary committee members,
  • confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting,
  • receive from the committee, auditor and servants of the Association reports on the transactions of the Association during the last preceding financial year of the Association.

Download documents: Agenda, Financial Report to 30 June 2018, Minutes of AGM 17 October 2018.

The committee of management consists of:

  • President
  • Senior vice-president
  • Junior vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • four ordinary members of the committee.

A nomination of a candidate for election as a committee member is to be made in writing on this form, signed by 2 members of the Association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and delivered to the public officer of the Association at least 10 days before the day on which the annual general meeting is to be held.

Nominations can be posted to 221 Main Road, Derwent Park TAS 7009, or scanned and emailed to

If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies further nominations may be received at the AGM.