Support a fair go for solar in Tasmania – petitions close 3 November

Please sign our e-petitions to the Tasmanian House of Assembly and Legislative Council.*

These petitions close on 3 November. By signing these formal e-petitions, your concerns will be tabled in Parliament and the government will be obliged to give a formal response.

Many Tasmanians want to contribute to a renewable powered future by investing in solar PV but the solar industry has been undermined by repeated drops in the feed-in tariff and unfair metering that does not fully reward solar owners for the electricity they export.

Despite its abundant natural resources of hydro, wind and solar and its renewable energy infrastructure, Tasmania has joined the rest of Australia in doing a U-turn away from a sustainable future. In the last financial year Tasmania imported more dirty brown-coal fired electricity from Victoria than the amount of renewable electricity it exported to the mainland.

The Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance, in conjunction with Solar Citizens is running a Fair Go for Solar in Tasmania campaign.  As part of this campaign we are calling on the state government to set a fair feed-in tariff that recognises the many benefits to Tasmania of a growing solar industry including the savings for all consumers from generating electricity close to the point of use. To support this campaign and be informed of future developments, please also sign our petition at (This petition will continue after 3 November and will be presented to Matthew Groom later this year.)

Thank you
Jack Gilding
Executive Officer, Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance

* if links above do not work, petitions can be accessed via and

Author: TREA

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