Amended building regulations

Last Friday (8 November) Workplace Standards Tasmania released BRAN 03-2013 revised Рadvice on installation of solar panels (November 2013).

Please read the Advisory Note (which contains the full text of the amended regulation) for full details but in summary, the new regulation provides for an exemption from the requirement for a building permit for solar PV installations of up to 38 square metres mounted parallel to the roof provided they meet certain other requirements. This replaces the previous exemption which was for installation up to 18 square metres.

The Advisory Note also foreshadows new requirements for accreditation of installers of solar panels that will come into effect in 2014. Details of these requirements will be announced once the Director of Building Control has specified suitable training courses and consulted further with installers and training providers.

The Advisory Note provides advice on the implementation of revisions to the Tasmanian Building Regulations 2004 that were gazetted on 6 November. These regulations replace the amended regulations that were passed on 28 November 2012, and the Advisory Note replaces the Advisory Note of 20 September 2013.

Author: TREA

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